Duy Dinh Ngo is currently a student at London College of Fashion where he studies a BA in menswear’s design technology on his last year. Inspiration to his design spreads wide; from family, friends and things he captures out on street strolling around the city and vintage markets, to the shapes of woman's wear.

Duy-Dinh first limited collection is based on earlier executed school projects; "Superhero" "Wolverine" and "Ballet Russes" where details, silhouettes and shapes from the garments are used to create new and more wearable styles, by using the same patterns. "The ideas were to use silhouettes that came from the jacket I made for the Wolverine project, except from the collection's poncho, where the inspiration came from Ballet Russes project".

Duy-Dinh AW 10 limited collection is made as a unisex collection, with strong focus on simple silhouettes, details and textiles. The signature of the garments are their diversity in how to wear and use them different to create it's own individual look.

This first collection will be produced in the beautiful summer town, Fredrikstad, Norway with help from his mom. And for that reason, a limited collection that will take a few weeks from purchase to receiving the product.




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